Who's Coming?

And for those of you who've been driving me crazy asking for this, here you go! If you do not see your name and you paid, please let me know asap. See you all soon!

Nancy Mendelsohn
Susan (Prince) and Steven Barron
Phil Bernstein
Rona Pasternak
David and Karen Schwartz
Amy (Ivey) and Doug Varble
Jocelyn Senior
Martha Honey and Russell Crawford
Michael McCormick
Michael Taibleson
Hilary Perkins and Paul Langdon
Jenny Price
Mike Murrey and Susan Murrey
Jeannie Citerman
Joel Wendt
Steve Frank
David Shopper and Cynthia August
Judy Spasser
Peter Kieffer and Blythe Kieffer
Daniel Schmitt
Catherine Brown Lewis
Nancy Milius Planells
Laura Blaustein Cahn
Lynn Friedman and Howard Friedman
Kathy Schweich Margolis
Jenny Hall
Andy Lyss
Alison Sondhaus Carroll
Dolores Burke-King
Chrissy Beavers Paterson
Pat Edwards
Lisa Barthel Venne
Molly Berger Shaikewitz
William Boudoures and Jane
Brenda Nelson
Gary Lazaroff
Kate Oldham
Michele Broddon Lux
Bob Tibbles
Linda Stein
Bob Pierce
Paula Goldberg
Tom Losse
Brad Stiritz
Nancy Lubowitz
Howard Canfield
Kathy Paull Schweich
Matt Durham
Catherine Walsh Petrosky
Gail Abbott
Matt Zahradka
Louis Stiffleman
Ellen McDonald