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09/17/08 09:12 PM #38    

Michael McCormick

More hangouts:
the playground at Oak Knoll
sledding at Art Hill and Concordia
Blueberry Hill in U City
the Esquire and Hi-Pointe

Louis, what was the Big "O"?

See you all soon...

09/18/08 12:34 AM #39    

Louis Stiffelman

That's the Olympia Drive-In that featured bad 70's porn. Like I said...never went there.

09/18/08 09:20 AM #40    

Catherine Brown (Lewis)

How about Flaming Pit . . . used to go there with my parents. It was so dark in there, and they had a little treasure chest in the back where you could choose a toy!

I get so nostalgic for the old places, architecture. Was anyone else sad when they tore down the Famous-Barr in Clayton? That was a cool building.

09/18/08 09:22 AM #41    

Molly Berger Shaikewitz

Hi All!

After the reunion-ing on Friday and Saturday nights, let's continue the party at Mazara in Clayton (on Forsyth, between Meramec and Central) for some beverages! The restaurant is owned by my sister Mindy (CHS '68) and her husband. Their website is if you want to take a look.

See you there!

09/18/08 09:52 PM #42    

Dorothy Shaw (Jones)

that sounds like fun

09/20/08 01:18 AM #43    

Nancy Lubowitz

Indeed it does! I'm in!

09/21/08 10:46 PM #44    

Dorothy Shaw (Jones)

Does anyone remember Bruce Kohn and what year he was ...77? I see there is a homecoming parade next sat I think, is that true?

09/22/08 01:13 PM #45    

Linda Stein

Cat - My memory of the Flaming Pit was being there as a young girl with my parents, and another young girl threw up right next to our table. It gave a whole new meaning to the words "flaming pit" and I refused to ever go back there again.

09/22/08 03:06 PM #46    

Molly Berger Shaikewitz

Re: the Famous Barr Building in Clayton.

Cat, they didn't tear it down. Wash U bought it and it's now their West Campus. My first position at Wash U nine years ago was in that building. In fact, I think my office was in the "Way In" department! Remember that? The restaurant on the third floor is a Cafe. I used to tell people that I could still smell the French Onion Soup!

In fact, the first floor at Jackson and Hanley is now the home of Ivey-Selkirk auctioneers! Keepin' it in the CHS family!

09/22/08 04:49 PM #47    

Catherine Brown (Lewis)

Molly -- Oh, good! I must have heard a rumor or something about that bldg being torn down, and since I don't live there, I just assumed . . . The Way In!!!! Yes!!!

Linda - Hi! Flaming Pit -- that's gross . . . maybe it's a good thing it was so dark in there! Will you be at the reunion?

09/22/08 08:02 PM #48    

Dorothy Shaw (Jones)

cathy do you remember the name of the store on Olive that we used to go shopping at? It was like in the corner of a strip mall.

09/22/08 09:13 PM #49    

David Schwartz

Anybody remember Al Baker's at Clayton and Brentwood? I have it on good authority that some young boy threw up there! I think the space is now a gigantic Bed Bath and Beyond or something.

09/22/08 10:49 PM #50    

Nancy Lubowitz

I remember Al Baker's. I'm not sure that it is now a Bed, Bath and Beyond, but there's a ginormous "Linens and Things" behind it.

09/23/08 06:43 PM #51    

Dorothy Shaw (Jones)

Hey how about a shoe store over in that curve of Forsythe where you turn to go to the high school? You used to could get those goose eggs there?

09/26/08 08:44 AM #52    

Louis Stiffelman

What I remember most about Al Bakers is the fountain. Sometimes the water was blue, orange, and even green. Odd thing...sometimes there was a wall of foam that would roll out of the fountain and into the street. It was very strange the way that happened.

09/26/08 01:26 PM #53    

Linda Stein

Ah, probably no one will read this because you're all descending upon St. Louis as I write. Have a great reunion. Please post pictures! I hope the next reunion is as well organized as this one has been, as well attended, and that we'll all still be around! I'll be thinking of you this weekend.

09/26/08 02:27 PM #54    

Molly Berger Shaikewitz

Louis Stiffelman and friends + cheap powdered detergent = bubble bath in Al Baker's fountain. I'm just sayin'...

09/28/08 03:18 PM #55    

Amy Ivey (Varble)

A huge thank you to Ellen and Rick for putting together such a successful weekend for the Class of '78! I hope you both feel that all your hard work paid off!
It was great to see everyone and may we all be together again in 2018!!!

09/28/08 03:27 PM #56    

Joe Niehoff

Hysterical!! Louis - wasn't it called the "Olympic" drive-in?? But I never went there either . . . and I certainly never went to the Fine Arts Theatre on Olive. Speaking of hangouts, anyone remember the old (in the basement) version of Cyrano's on Clayton Road? Or the (awesome) Tree Trunk restaurant (on Clayton Rd. - strange name for some of the best Jewish Food around), or Jack and Charlie's deli on Central - the place with all the photos of old vaudeville stars on the wall. And speaking of the Varsity theatre and Rocky Horror, there were also 3-D Three Stooges Festivals at midnight showings - but it was always hard to see the screen because of the "smoky" theatre . . . ahem. I also seem, in addition to everyone else, to remember some throwing up at the Flaming Pit. Probably a cook who didn't wash his hands - like we ever would have even thought of that back in the 70's . . . The old Westroads shopping center had its moments, and remember that nasty Kroger grocery store there? And how 'bout those frightening (rotten, old and nasty) all-wood, creaking floors at Human Brothers hardware on Central? Lots of fond memories of old Clayton haunts . . . great seeing everyone Friday night in the Park.

09/28/08 07:50 PM #57    

Nancy Lubowitz

I would like to also add that I had a great time this weekend. It was so great to see everyone! We all look so good! Since there are so many of us still living in St. Louis, it would be great to stay in touch!

09/28/08 08:56 PM #58    

Louis Stiffelman

Hi All,
It was great to see everyone this weekend!!! After an event like this I always have a certain amount of regret that I was unable to visit with a few people or missed an opportunity to have a substantive conversation with an old friend. It never seems like there’s enough time before the reunion is over. Sorry there wasn’t more time, but it was still a fantastic weekend.

A CHS Salute......
Thank you to everyone who traveled to St. Louis for the reunion weekend. Your extra effort was greatly appreciated and made the weekend special. Thank you to all the locals that stepped away from their busy schedules to make attendance at the reunion a priority. A big thank you to everyone that planned, organized, and pulled off an outstanding event. Thanks to my classmates for the laughs, stories, fond memories, and hugs.

To the people who were unable to attend because of illness, family commitments, hurricane damage, late notice, or prior commitments, I hope we see you at the next gathering. When the website can accommodate pictures we will post them.

09/29/08 07:52 AM #59    

Frank Kellam

Awesome weekend, KUDOS to Ellen, Rick and everyone else for your efforts in making it all unfold. Too many special memories, moments and discussions to put in print but simply stated for a couple of days it seemed impossible that 30 years (40+ in some cases) have passed.

Thanks for the 2 special days everyone, my entire family (especially the kids) came away with a real life understanding of "words" they've always heard . . . the friends you make growing up are friends for life, no matter how often or where you see them! Keep in touch and can't wait to see the pix.


09/29/08 08:20 PM #60    

Michele Broddon (Lux)

What an amazing weekend! Many many thanks go out to Ellen, Susan and Rick. If I forgot anyone, I do apologize.
It was great seeing everyone,reconnecting, and sharing high school stories and secrets! Great fun had by all
Until the next time, take good care and keep in touch
Michele Broddon-Lux

09/29/08 09:23 PM #61    

Dorothy Shaw (Jones)

This weekend was really worth the gas money! We drove back monday to closed gas stations in Tennessee and Georgia! The things in life that we take for granted! I loved the fall St Louis weather it was wonderful to be in Forest Park...and all the new sidewalk cafes (well to me) were perfect for the fall weather...the West End and along Delmar has sure changed a lot. And by the way who needs HWY 40 we seem to get along just fine without it.

11/20/08 03:50 PM #62    

Pam Moore (Moore)

Stopping in to wish everyone a great turkey day!

October through December is my favorite time of year. All the great holidays starting with Halloween right on through Thanksgiving to Chanukkah and Christmas.

My wish for you all is a peaceful and loving holiday season.

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